Q: What are some first date red flags that women ignore?

EE: Ohhhh boy is this an excellent question.

  1. If they are full of stories about the many people who’ve done them wrong, how misunderstood they are or generally just how cruel life has been to them. Big red flag. Nobody has that much bad luck without having at least partially contributed to it and you really don’t want to saddle yourself with an man/gal child who is incapable of accepting responsibility for anything.
  2. If they insist on splitting the cost of everything right down to the nearest pence, they are probably tighter than a duck’s backside and any kind of holiday/major purchase/fun times you have in the future will involve heavy financial negotiation.
  3. If they look over your shoulder while you’re talking or blatantly check out other women they are lacking in respect and undeserving of you.
  4. If they abandon you to talk to their mates without making any effort to include you in their banter and in-jokes, it sends the signal that you’ll probably always be playing second fiddle.
  5. If they bitch and whine about their ex repeatedly (beyond the standard explanation of why the relationship failed) they have baggage and any relationship you pursue will likely become crowded before long.
  6. If they are weirdly evasive when you ask them questions, be gently tenacious. A shy person may need a while to come out of their shell but a person who genuinely has something to hide will not be very forthcoming.
  7. If they are late without some kind of apologetic acknowledgement, constantly checking their phone while you’re speaking or interrupting you every chance they get, they are rude and will eventually really start to piss you off.
  8. If they are over the age of 20 and still living with their parents, try to ascertain why as quickly as possible. Plenty of people stay at home while they save for a deposit/are in between jobs or flats or whatever, but plenty of people also live at home because they are still tied to Momma’s apron strings and enjoy having everything done for them.
  9. If they talk about themselves constantly for longer than fifteen minutes at a time, you are not interesting to them. Don’t take it personally, it’s highly likely that nobody else is either. If you feel like messing with them, up the ante and launch into a detailed description of where you see yourself in five years time.
  10. If they ask sexual questions within the first hour of meeting you, they are probably only looking for a hook up.

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