I mean, hey – I do my best! But sometimes my answers just don’t make the cut.

Q: Do you agree with media reports that claim Meghan Markle has become the most “controversial” person on Earth?

EE: No, because ‘controversial’ isn’t really a pejorative term anymore. If they said ‘one of the twattiest people on earth’ I’d agree wholeheartedly.

Q: Do you think he loves me? He cheated on me twice a year ago, and I broke up and left. He soon found a new girlfriend and they’re still together. But, he contacts me occasionally (e.g. “I dreamt of you”) and posts some songs on fb regarded to me.

EE: I think he’s one who likes the risk involved in cheating and probably messages lots of other girls apart from your good self.

Sorry Flower, it’s probably not love.

Q: How can we deal with manipulative people?

EE: We can either pit our wits against them and try to get the upper hand or accept what they are and take steps to protect ourselves & loved ones.

Crucially, either option involves studying both their behaviour and your options for counter-attack or self-defence.

I believe there is great merit in the old adage about keeping your enemies close.

Q: How do guys think about too honest and very naive women while dating them? Is it a turn off to find someone so inexperienced? I am talking about highly educated mid-30 women.

EE: I think these women would attract many frogs while in pursuit of their prince.

Trust is earned and naive people get taken advantage of.

Stay safe 🙂

Q: My boyfriend can’t handle me being happy, confident, and achieving my goals because he isn’t doing any of those things and is insecure. He doesn’t support me and tries to bring me down while I always lift him up. Is it time for me to break up?

EE: Yes, unless you want to sign yourself up for another year of this crap.

Find yourself a dude who takes pride in your accomplishments, not a he-bitch who cries about them.

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