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I can’t speak for everyone, but there are many ridiculous things this person does in the name of anxiety. Here are ten of the most common.

  1. Not answering the door if I’m alone and not expecting anyone. There’s a whole world of shit beyond my front door and I’m not inviting it in while I’m single-crewed.
  2. Spending 99.9% of my life in my bedroom where I feel safe and can control any intervening variables.
  3. Wasting hours retrospectively analysing conversations from all angles and tormenting myself with the many different ways I was an insensitive idiot.
  4. Always assuming I am the one in the wrong.
  5. Running simulations in my head for how I will cope when the next catastrophe befalls me.
  6. Panicking when there is an unexpected change in plan that I haven’t planned for or (secretly) risk-assessed in advance.
  7. Over-thinking everything and exhausting myself before I’ve even got up in the morning.
  8. Assuming that any random ailment is my cancer returning for a third time to finish me off.
  9. Asking my husband if he’s annoyed with me 28 times a day then getting defensively angry when he cracks and does become annoyed.
  10. Going into a flat out panic when someone asks ‘Are you busy tonight?’ without quantifying exactly what I will be committing myself to if I reply in the negative.

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